Multiple problems no charging no video out

Before this problem my ibook wouldnt charge the battery i had just bought. Okay so I went to watch a movie on my tv with my iBook hooked up with my mini VGA to VGA adapter and my tv no longer recognizes my iBook doesn't even see it so I thought something was loose and took keyboard out and was pressing down on it and then aloof a sudden it was charging the battery but that only works off and on so no I don't know what the problem could be

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You're a little short on symptoms here, but lets address the power issue first. This can be the AC adapter or the the DC-IN board or the battery connector. Download and run Coconut Battery (an older version that will run on your machine)

Let us know your results both when it's charging and when it's not. How is the light on the adapter both times. I really need more information to help you.

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The only problem is that its very random when the charging accurs


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