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Repair complete but no power

Okay, so I followed the very clear instructions on how to replace the logic board - not that I was going to replace it, but I suspected it need cleaning up. I'd seen a number of reports of similar graphics freezing problems which appeared to be related to dirty logic boards.

Now it's all back together but... when I plug it in, there is neither a green nor an orange light on the charging cable. Also, when the battery was inserted as the last step, it started a short - maybe 30 second - clicking like when you flip a piece of cardboard past the spokes of you bike wheel. It then stopped for maybe two minutes and started again for say another 30 secs and so on until the battery was dead. I have a battery with a life of about 5 minutes so this cycle went on overnight and then, presumably the battery was dead. Naturally, I have to add that pressing the power button did absolutely nothing.

I know it's vague, and I'm sorry, but can anyone suggest what I might have missed or done wrong? I'd love to be able to save my MBP. The Mini I bought when the graphics problem made the MBP too unreliable just doesn't cut it.

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Rdklinc got it right. I dismantled my MBP down to the logic board again, added a little silver paste and reassembled, and it worked - almost. The airport module doesn't work.

I dug around a bit and found some references to this kind of problem, one of which involved booting to the DVD and seeing if airport was available there. If so, reinstall OS was the advice. If not, it's either a new airport unit or a new logic unit.

I considered the idea of just buying a wifi stick, but it doesn't seem to be as easy for Mac Lion as for Windows 7.

Thought I would mention it in here first, and see if there is something I can check before springing $80 on a new airport unit.

TIA for any suggestions. And btw, thanks rdklinc.


Please return and accept rdklinc's Answer. It was correct for your situation. The only reward volunteer's get is the acceptance of a helpful Answer.


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If your AC adapter has no light, the most likely problem is that the DC-in/sound/IO module on the left side is not properly connected to the logic board. This is the cable that connects to the underside of the left side of the logic's very tricky to get the connector securely seated in the socket.

I have no idea what the clicking sound was. But really you shouldn't be connecting the battery at all until you have a computer that is powering on and functioning fine -- a battery at this point is just complicating the issue.

Also, don't put the computer back together until it's powering on, and also verify that the topcase is securely connected. There's no point screwing a machine back together until you know it's working.

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Thanks rdklink. It was a bit optimistic to put the case back before testing. And I agree that the DC-in/sound/IO module was a tricky one to replace. It required a very hard push, and the logic board couldn't be lifted more than a small angle since the cable to that module was so short.

If I'm going to try pushing that in again, I have to lift at least the left end of the logic board and that makes me wonder whether I should take it completely out again and renew the silver paste between logic board and heat sink as I will assuredly destroy that in lifting the logic board.


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