Still Overheating- cleaned fans & pasted last summer '22

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Hey all.

Need advice. Here's a little background.

I. Love. My. MacBook Pro 13in, late 2013. Period.

It's a 4GB mem/128GB HD/2.4 Ghz Dual-Core Intel Core i5. -Big Sur 11.7.8.

Late summer '22, poor thing was overheating while doing Design work. I opened it, cleaned it by blowing all vents, taking apart the fan & thoroughly cleaned with alcohol, blew rest of components, cleaned heat sinks and repasted---all this for first time since buying in 2013.

I also updated it's 128GB memory, adding a new 480GB Solid State PCI-Express Drive.

The battery, however, still needs to replaced. It's done.

Long overdue.

Still overheated- even when using one app at a time and minimizing browser tabs. Palm rest hot, bottom hot, fans running high, temps- 140 F to 170 F, higher sometimes.

Replaced it with a new MacBook Air m2.

Today I factory reset it to try to clean out all old data and star anew and in doing this, I had to create two volume HD. What must I do to have just ONE HD volume? Tried a few things in disk utility but nada... at the end I was sorta forced to have two volumes to get the OS working.

Still want to use my 2013, but even at startup, with no apps on- it's up to 140F-150F....😖☹️.

Help me Obi-Won, you're my only hope.

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@martind44052 have you checked/run the diagnostics?

Press the power button to turn on your Mac, then immediately press and hold the D key on your keyboard as your Mac starts up. Release the D key when you see a progress bar or you're asked to choose a language. Let us know what that shows you. Also, check the sensors with your MAcs fan control to see which one shows it's overheating.


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