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Model A1369, 1.6, 1.7, or 1.8 GHz Processor, 64, 128 or 256GB Flash Storage

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Why is the replacement battery not charging

The battery was recently replaced due to a problem that occurred when it was in use for a lengthy period of time. The bottom of the notebook became unusually hot swelling up the battery and making it impossible to close the casing. Therefore, i replaced the damaged battery with a new one, however, it does not charge at all. I'd also like to add that the notebook shuts off every time the power cord is not plugged in and the green indicator light lights up when it is plugged in.

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Have you tried resetting the SMC first?

Failing that, you may consider rechecking the battery.

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Repair your disk permissions first in disk utility. They try resetting the SMC like Stefano suggested. If that doesn't work, shut down your computer and physically disconnect and reconnect the battery cable from the logic board.


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