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main connector & headphone jack broken

I see there is a guide to replace the headphone jackand hold switch. What I don't see is a guide to replace the main connector on the bottom of the Ipod. What is it called, and where can I find out how to replace it.

--Basically the headphones didn't work when I received it, And now the sound from the base connector isn't working, but the Ipod is connecting to the Ipod speakers and computer perfectly normal.


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How are your iPod speakers connected? What sound do you want to get from the "base connector"? Do you get audio when you put your iPod into a docking station?


its and ipod docking station that connects into the base of the ipod and stands upright, the volume is controlled from the docking station. There is no sound from the speakers on the docking station, yet the volume control still changes the volume on the ipod... what to do?


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The part on the bottom is the Dock connector. It is a soldered part on the logic board and difficult to replace, unless one has the knowledge and tools of repairing very small parts. when you say that the sound does not work, double check your repair if it worked before. I am not quite sure where you connect the iPod speakers. If your iPod connects, syncs and you get sound while the iPod speakers are connected through a dock, then there is no problem with the audio circuitry.

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The ipod connects and sync through the computer, but the sound does not work through the ipod connector onto a brand new docking system. The headphone jack has not yet been replaced.


If you have no sound,dock connector and headphones, it might be your audio your headphone and re-evaluate


I was given the ipod with the headphones broken. I had just purchased an deck for my car with an ipod ready connection and it worked. I understand working on ipods are known to be very difficult, but I am willing to attempt it. I think I may have fried the audio chip now, due to a sound I heard when playing it on a dysfunctional ipod dock. it was a high pitch crackling sound, then it stopped working.


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