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1985 Mazda glc axle removal

how do I remove the drivers side axle from the transmission on a 1985 mazda glc

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In general:

Take the wheel off, unbolt the main bolt on the hub and turn aside the rotor. You may need to unbolt the steering knuckle ball joint, the brake caliper, and the strut assembly also to make room for the rotor and hub to turn out of the way of the axle spline

Pull the other end of the spline out of the transmission and you have removed your half shaft.

For a more detailed explanation with photos, check this link.

All front wheel drive cars are more or less the same procedure.

Please let us know how it goes.


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Just like 040304 mentions, here is the what you would do it in order to remove the drive shafts "

Remove the front wheels.

Disconnect the lower ball joints from the steering knuckles.

Pull the driveshafts from the differential gears. A circlip is positioned on the driveshaft ends and engages in a groove, machined in the differential side gears. The driveshafts may have to be forced from the differential housing to release the clip from the groove. Do not apply a sharp impact. Do not allow the driveshaft's free end to drop, otherwise may occur to the ball and socket joints as well as to the rubber boots."


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