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An external optical drive by Apple, essentially a rebranding of the MacBook Air SuperDrive.

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superdrive cable is near to dead

As for other products this cable is badly build. My macbook air superdrive cable is near to dead.I fixed wires with tape but they'll not hold more time.

Could a find a spare one, and it's there a solution to make it universal. Use it in all my macs.

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the cable is possible but you might have to cut it shorter and solder it inside the case. Depends upon where the fault is. You can find used Superdrives at reasonable prices for parts, just ensure the one you buy has an intact cable.

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I have a similar issues with my Apple USB SuperDrive too. At the beginning of the drive device,the USB cable is little wore out.

Do IFixit have any solution or guide that you can show the Apple end user on how to replace the USB Cable that is attached to the Apple USB SuperDrive?

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