Lap Top does not power On.

My lap top comes On for only a few seconds and goes Off. It this a hard drive problem or something else.

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Possibly overheating or video chip error. This series was plagued by those errors. You have an AC adapter and a good battery? Did it just start with this problem? Can you access the BIOS, when it just down, can you restart it right away?


Happens when plugged in or on battery. I cannot get to BIOS.


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Seems like its not even making it through POST. Make sure your running on AC power. Try taking out and re-seating both chips and trying. After that I would take our your memory chips and try powering on the system putting in only 1 chip a the time. I had a laptop in the shop the other day, a Dell, that acted the same way and it was just a bad stick of ram.

If not that, you could have a bad cpu, problem with the system board, or as Harry stated, overheating/video chip issue.

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+ RAM & RAM slots can cause such errors. If it is not RAM most likely motherboard - these were plagued with both Northbridge and Southbridge problems. I don't believe it would be overheating before it makes it to BIOS.


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