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Repair and disassembly information for Samsung's Galaxy A32 5G Android smartphone, released in February of 2021.

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How do I fix my mic

My phone's mic is not working.Someone on the other side can not hear me when i am calling them.

How do i fix my phone's mic?

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We'll need some more information. Have you attempted to restart the phone, or tried any other troubleshooting steps?


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@siyabongam49934 you are not giving us a lot of information to work with. You first want to check the area of your phone where the mic opening is. Make sure it is clean and that there is no debris clogging the opening. After that, restart your phone. If that still does not work, restart your phone in safe mode. If your mic works while in safe mode, you know that this is caused by a bad third party app. You will have to determine which one and remove it. For more of ths, check on here.

IF you need to do some further troubleshooting, use the Samsung Flowchart for that

Block Image

and here is the location for the components to be tested

Block Image

Block Image

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