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The Early 2009 Mac Pro—also known as the Mac Pro 4,1—introduced Intel's Nehalem architecture to Apple's line of professional desktop computers in March 2009. The Mac Pro 5,1 used the same interior design but received further CPU updates in 2010 and 2012.

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Where to find SATA Power?

I want to add a USB3 PCIe adapter card to my Mac Pro (2010), but it requires to be plugged into a SATA power line.

  1. My first attempt was to plug a SATA power extension into the SATA power connector for disk sled 4. That didn't work. I think that connector isn't active unless a disk is on the sled. I can see a pressure switch for that purpose.
  2. My second guess was to connect into the second optical disk SATA power, but I would need to drill into the optical disk sled to pass the wires through.

Does anyone know a better place to connect to SATA power?

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I found this "Allegro Type A USB 3.2 | 3.0 PCIe 4-Port PCIe Card (Mac and Windows Compatible)" on Amazon, which doesn't require SATA power.

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What kind of USB devices are you planning on using? You may find using an external powered hub is a better option and not use the internal SATA connection as that should be for the external devices power needs.

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I tried an external powered hub, but it didn't solve the problem. It could be this card just won't work on Mac hardware.


@mfaklis - Very likely!


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