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Cannot power up and shows flashing folder symbol (?)

My iMac G5 suddenly could not power up.

It gives the opening sound, briefly flashes a grey screen, but then shows a folder with an alternately flashing Apple "face" and question mark.

I have read many posts and followed instructions to re-set the PRAM (successfully) and also the SMU. All to no avail.

Is there a meaning to the folder icon to indicate the possible fault?

I am in an Australian country town, with no access to an Apple service centre.

I am aware that power and capacitor problems are common to the G5, but would be grateful if you could advise anything further.

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If you're booting up to the flashing folder screen (your machine has booted). It cannot find a good system folder. Either your system folder is corrupted or your hard drive has gone bad. Try booting from your system installation disk and running Disk Utilities to repair your hard drive. If this fails, replace it.

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