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2.0GHz, 2.3GHz, or 2.6GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.8GHz) with 6MB shared L3 cache.

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Apple Service Diagnostic 3S162 DC In Sensor Problem

Sup Ifixit,

Basically my MacBook Pro has a DC In problem with the battery, if you want to see what was the error, image is here.

Block Image

Note: this MacBook Pro is almost becoming 10 yrs in December 30 2023 so might be legal to run Apple service diagnostics.


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@notveryexperien what is your 820-xxxx board number? Should be something like 820-3662 or 820-3787. there are a couple of components that are worthwhile checking with the ID0R error. Do you have a multimeter? Do you know how to do basic testing with it?


820-3662. Anything common problems with that logic board


And I do have a multimeter.


@notveryexperien TB0T is your battery temperature sensor. If you have the board out, post some good pictures of both sides with your question. ID0R originates with AMON so it looks like it does have issues with the current sensing circuitry. Once we see your board, we can guide you on what to check where.


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Boy the Apple police are knocking on your door! << Just kidding >>

Not to worry you own the hardware and technically have a license to run the software until the system dies, still many years more of life! I’m still using a 2012 unibody watching YouTube vids and other web stuff until Apple makes an upgradable and repairable system.

So… You are facing two problems you likely need a new battery, but the diagnostics is telling you the logic board VRM logic has an issue. Often times I find one or two tantalum capacitors have failed. You might want to find someone with micro-soldering skills and access to the schematics and board views to figure out which cap needs replacing.

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Update: basically asd efi said that ID0R was fine but TB0T sensor was reading below the low limit


Don’t understand but TB0T reads -127 celcius


@notveryexperien - You really need to grab the schematics and board view drawings so you can trace out the logic. But you do need a good understanding on how to read them and even then you need the tools and skills to rework your logic board replacing the bad components.

TB0T Is a thermal sensor within the power logic if I remember correctly. I’m stepping out today. When I get back I’ll sit down and double check.

TB0T is the batteries sensor, given the fact you are using an older version of Apple Diagnostics that can’t fully test things you can encounter fantom errors. I think you need to find someone with deeper skills and access to the needed schematics and board view drawings to fix your logic board. I’m sure you have a failing capacitor here as it’s quite common!


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@notveryexperien I have a similar issue. I have your same computer but a mid 2015 model year. I am interested in finding out where you sourced this diagnostic software. Is this Apple Service Diagnostics? Can you share where you sourced it please????



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Your system offers an onboard diagnostics function. Depending on the macOS release you have Apple broke it🤬

Give this a read Use Apple Diagnostics to test your Mac

You really need to use the correct version as using too old a version of the Apple internal diagnostics can lead you down the wrong direction!


The mid 2015 MBPs Apple service diagnostics are credential locked which can be accessed by aasp or the Genius Bar. Sorry but no Apple users allowed.


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