Fix for a 3rd Gen iPod Touch with lower "Dead Strip"?


I currently have a 3rd gen ITouch. It is very clean and lightly used. I have run a restore on it(5.01 sw) in prep for setting it up for a different user.

After the initial unlocking of the screen, I cannot get the last 20% of the screen to accept input. For instance, I cannot "touch" the lower Location section on the setup.

I cannot use either the back button or the N for my wireless password. That entire strip seems to be dead.

I have run through Apple's basic troubleshooting methods; none has helped.

What part(s) do I need to replace to get this touch back up and running?



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You simply need to obtain a new digitizer.

Replacing it is a pretty simple process.

iPod Touch 3rd Generation Front Panel Replacement

You can find cheaper digitizers on eBay and the like, though.

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