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It's opened but it show black screen with with white line

It's opened but it show black screen with with stucked white line

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Hi @tiktuber

Connect an external monitor (TV?) to the laptop's HDMI port and check if the laptop display is OK on the monitor. Don't forget to press the appropriate function key(s) to toggle between the external monitor only, laptop screen only or both on together.

If the display is OK on the external monitor then it seems like there's a problem with the screen.

If your model is a HP 255 G8 here's the maintenance and service guide.

Go to p.47 to view the procedure to remove the display assembly. Follow the procedure to remove the display panel (see p.50).

On p.19 of the guide Item #4 you find the part numbers for the various display panels that can be used.

According to the 7N4W2AA parts list the display panel part number is M31096-001 which is the FHD, UWVA panel which is one of the LCD panels mentioned in the guides parts list for the display panel.

Search online for the part number only to find suppliers that suit you best.

Usually the part number is somewhere on the back of the panel, if you wish to confirm what it is.

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