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2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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Passion Project MacBook gut swap

Ok, is this project dumb? is it pointless, waste of money? Yes, yes, and yes. I adore the 2008-2011 white polycarb MacBooks like it's weird how much I like them. Either it be nostalgia or wanting to have a custom cool MacBook, I want to use one as a daily. But it is just far too slow, trust me I've tried. So I have thought of some ideas to make one ready for the present day. It doesn't need to be top end, just very average powerful like anywhere from 2016 and above speed. My idea is to gut a polycarb MacBook but just keeping the keyboard. And swapping everything else with a newer macbook, not a 2012 but something 2016 or newer. The new parts swapped would be everything, logic board, hard drive, ram, speakers, everything. Don't worry about fabrication, I have my head wrapped around that aspect with 3D printed parts and modifying the ports but connecting the keyboard would be my only fear as it would be the only original part beside the MacBook case. I tried doing research but haven't found much on the keyboard connectors for the logic boards. If anyone sees any glaring issues please let me know, I know it wont be easy, or cheap but I just wanna know if it's even possible.

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@ethanheiss definitely a "crazy" project. Just crazy enough to be challenging and fun. You do know that nothing is going to fit the case and you will have to do some major fabricating. To address the issue you mentioned about the keyboard, for that all you would need are the schematics. You know that we can help you with those. Give us the 820-xxxx number on your current logic board and give us an idea which board you would want to install. Yours could be a 820-2567 For that the keyboard connector looks like this

Block Image

Let us know what your plans are with the display. The 2016's should all be retina displays.

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I don't currently have a polycarb macbook as I was gonna buy one on ebay with a dead logic board, but it would definitely be the thickest of the polycarb macbooks as I need all the room I can get to fit everything in it, and my plan for display would to use the display from the newer macbook id be sourcing the rest of the parts and fabricating some mounting bracket for the polycarb body. I'm comfortable with some soldering and programming.


@ethanheiss sounds good and let us know whenever you are ready. If you use the @<oldturkey03> without the brackets, I get notified that there is somebody looking for me:-)

I am still worried about the display but I'll let you work on it :-)


@ethanheiss - if you need mount points use some CAD software to design it and using a 3D printer make them your self.

I had a friend make some spacer blocks as Apple didn’t offer the needed part. Gave him the part and he made 50 I’m down to the last few.

Some printers now print metal too!


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