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Which is the touch screen connector?


First of all thanks for the step by step guides!

I have change the LCD+Touch of my son's Ipod touch 4th gen and the touch screen doesn't work (it was working with the broken LCD!)

Something must be wrong on the main board!

Can you help me to find the touch screen connector ?



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Well, doesn't work, covers a broad range of issues. First, I would hold down the Power and Home buttons to reset the iPod and see if you get anything on the display. For some reason, when I swap out touch screens that come from another manufacturer they require a reset. This usually fixes the white screen too.

After resetting, if you get video on the screen but it doesn't respond to your touch you may need to disconnect and reconnect both cables. If that doesn't work, meaning no touch response, it is a bad replacement - I've got one in my shop that has the same issue.

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Also, use a jewelers loup and look at the cable connector on the logic board, if any pins are missing you have big trouble. If the pins are bent forward, you can lightly use a plastic pry tool to push them back into alignment -- again very lightly.


When I first connect everything it was OK.

Then I pressed on the screen to close it and the screen became half white and touch was out of order. I will have look to the connectors on the main board, but which one is the touch screen connector?


If I recall, the fat one controls the digitizer and the thin handles the touch sensitivity coming from the glass. If it happened when you sealed it you probably didn't fold the thin cable in a "Z" if you don't the cable can get pinched between the glass and the logic board.


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