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Video guide to replace digitizer on Samsung Exhibit II 4G?

I found a lot of places that sell the samsung exhibit II SGH-T679 digitizer, but no guides on how to replace it. My screen has been broken a long time and I need to replace it. thanks.

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Been looking for and finding the same thing for about 10 days.


I know how but I do not have a video, but you have probably found out how to do it by now. If not I will be more than happy to tell you if you like.


Pawilson, I still have not fixed. Would appreciate if you can send me you're instructions and hints. Thanks.


I don't know if I have a fake model or what but the model I have is different from the video, I am sure if you go on ebay you will see what I am talking about. The model I have has three buttons on the bottom the model on the video has four. The model on the video seems to have a button on it that looks like a up arrow mine has all of the other buttons besides that one, so the only reason I need to know if you need instructions is because when I took a look at the video it seems that the way he was taking his apart it is taken apart differently from mines. So I don't know if you have the 4g with the 4 buttons or the one with the three but if you have the one with the three it is taken apart differently and I can give you instructions but you need to respond and let me know if that is the model you have before I list all the information as so I will not be typing just to be typing :).


Thanks for the vid oldturkey. I will give it a shot. Pawilson my phone has 4 buttons.


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la2002dodgers, take a look on here. Not the greatest but it should work for you. Hope this helps, good luck.

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