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How do I remove the high and low pressure freon line?

I need to remove the freon lines in my 2003 mitsubishi eclipse 2.4 I also have a new condenser with the drier already on it. how do I go about removing the freon lines?

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you want to replace the lines at the compressor or the other end?


The lines are both running from the condenser to the fire wall and i think to the exchanger behind the fire wall. They are sold as one part from the dealer.


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Because R-l 34a refrigerant is a, hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) which contains hydrogen atoms in place of chlorine atoms, it will not cause damage to the ozone layer. Ozone filters out harmful radiation from the sun. To assist in protecting the ozone layer, Chrysler Corporation recommends an R-l 34a refrigerant recycling device. So, please do not let this stuff just escape into the atmosphere. You will also require a vacuum pump to evacuate the new lines of any air afterwards. The attached image shows you the removal steps (bottom left). Of course you can see the bolts and clamps that hold the lines to their respective parts. Hope this helps, good luck.

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