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Repair and disassembly information for Samsung's Galaxy A32 5G Android smartphone, released in February of 2021.

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Screen won't turn on, vibrates still but no screen

Hi, I've had my Samsung for about 4 years now and it has worked fine up until 5am this morning. The screen has stopped responding to both touch and the power button. I've held both the power button and volume down keys (at the same time like taking a screenshot) with the only response being that it vibrates (as if rebooting) but the screen doesn't come on. I tried plugging in the charger, waiting some minutes, then holding the keys again with the only response being a vibration. Still no screen. The storage was almost full (55.5g/6g) and I had been listening to music when it suddenly stopped responding. I don't know how much of my stuff was in the cloud but I have some VERY important pictures of some loved ones who passed away that I'm scared I'll never be able to get back. Can anyone help me? Please and thank you!!!

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it could be the screen has went bad or it has a connection issue to the motherboard

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