I need to replace the "brain" of my machine. What its name? Help.

We have a Kenmore High Efficiency Elite 5t. Our washing machine was in our basement, and last summer a flood covered halfway of its total height. Obviously, it stopped working. A handy-man told us that the "computer" or "brain" as I call it is damaged and needs to be replaced. Does anyone know the exact term of this "piece" of machinery. By no means am I a washing machine repairer expert. The way I see it, I picture the washing machine as a monitor, and there's got to be a hard-drive. Unfortunately, I lost our manual. I'm trying to find that piece of machinery on the internet, but does anyone know the exact terminology? Thanks in advanced.

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According to what's it's doing it could be the Control Module: http://www.repairclinic.com/PartDetail/C...

or the motor control board:


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and you can download the manual from here


Thank you so very much for your insight! I truly appreciate it!


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