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Why won't my mbp boot or charge the battery?

I have reviewed many of the questions about non-booting mbps and don't think I yet have the answer.

I have tried the smc reset, and the safe boot, and the single user startup, removing the ram chips one at a time and both at the same time (got the tone every second with the fans spinning) and still no luck. I press the power button briefly and just get a flash of the sleep sensor light, or hold it down steadily and get the sound of the optical drive trying to spin (there's a disc stuck inside--the mac osx startup disc) and the sleep sensor light flickers out and it poops out after about 3 seconds.

I am able to try to boot off the battery (charged on another mbp) or the ac adapter, but cannot charge the battery in this one--the light on the magsafe connector is either dim or bright steady green, never amber.

Although I have a hunch the problem is related to the infamous nvidia gpu, as I am unable to get it to boot, the apple genius test cannot be performed to determine if it qualifies for a free LB replacement.

One day it was operating, and the next day it would not boot. Although there were problems with an intermittent black screen, it would always come back, before that fateful day.

----->>>>I am wondering if the failure to charge the battery is a dead-bang indication of a LB failure, merely requiring its replacement, or is it a dead-bang indication, as far as apple goes, that it is not part of the gpu extended warranty?

Although I cannot remember the names of all the troubleshooting steps I tried, none of them worked. I have also reviewed the apple service guide and troubleshooting steps (at Scribd).

I have yet to open it up and try to disconnect everything possible to test the LB alone. I am building up my courage to do that, and check the hd at the same time.

I have not yet tried the apple 800 number to plead my case. That appears to be the last chance before the $310 depot repair.

I can tell there are more knowledgeable and experienced hands on deck here. If anyone can help solve my dilemma, I would appreciate your help.

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The NVIDIA problem will have nothing to do with your battery charging. I am not saying that your system may not have the GPU issue, only if it does there is more than one issue. Please tell us more about the history of the machine, in particular has it ever been exposed to a liquid?? Is your magsafe/power adapter a 65 watt or an 85 watt?


I am not aware of any liquid exposure, but I am not the original owner. The original owner denied any spilled liquid on the keyboard.

I use a 60w power adapter. At the genius bar they used a sideways magsafe connection. Whatever wattage they were using it still wouldn't start up.

There are smoke stains near the hinge and the air vents on the upper surface of the case.


I apologize, ABCellars for not thanking you for your reply to my question. I definitely appreciate your reply and interest.

I have read in other posts that mbps sometimes will not boot unless attached to an 85w power adapter. I have one in which the rubber tubing around the wires melted next to the adapter cube. I haven't had the courage or time to repair it yet, and so I am using the underpowered adapter. My understanding that using an underpowered adapter will shorten its life span from overheating, etc., but not affect the device being powered, unless, of course, the power in insufficient for startup. Kind of like a depleted car battery that cannot provide the necessary voltage to start a car.

I am hoping that I can do something to figure out if there is some component other than the LB that is preventing the charging, and the startup as well. On the other hand, I know that the LB plays a role in these functions as well, so my hope may be in vain.

Thanks for any help or other ideas.


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If this machine came into the shop the first thing I would do is replace the Mag-safe port board. This is a cheap fix and may not be the problem but it sure beats replacing the logic board. If you can get it to boot, look for the Apple to have pixel color problems on boot up to see if it is an Nvidia problem, if so get it Apple quickly.

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