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Announced on 15 October 2023, identified by model number SM-A055M

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Why my phone is off when I'm in call

Why my phone is off when I'm in call

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Hi @lakpacerpa,

Are you having problems with two different phones or is the problem with the same phone as in your other question?

I having a problem in my phone. Voice command is not working



how are you in a call with an "OFF" phone?


@lakpacerpa are you referring to your screen being off when you are in a call?


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Some phones will turn their screen off when the top infrared proximity sensor is triggered when on a call, since people usually hold press their phones to their ears which will interact with the screen and interfere.

Have you placed some tape over the front camera area for privacy? Is the top area clean? Try seeing if there is anything that could be obstructing the top area and causing the proximity sensor to misfire.

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