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Model A1181: 1.83, 2, 2.1, 2.13, 2.16, 2.2, or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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No Backlight, although Inverter changed

Hello out there,


- This is a 2.4 Core 2 Duo MacBook, and suddenly the Backlight failed. No prior humming or colour-changes.

- The overall temperature was pretty high in this machine, so I cleaned the fan. Temperature's fine now, unfortunately too late ;)

- The Inverter cable is fine

- I changed the Inverter and still no backlight


- How to determine, that it is the bulb, or the MB's driver, causing the problem?

- How to measure, if the inverter is working?

(DMM, fine-tip iron, and smd experience on my side)

edit: after some research i found out, that the inverter's output is working with high voltage 500V - 700V at frequencies around 50 kHz. It's almost impossible to measure this with home gear. One guy seemed to have some success with a non-invasive cyclic field test. But seems a little bit vague. So, no testing.

thanks for your time and your help,


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If you can discern the desktop when the screen is dark the problem is usually associated with the inverter. Some of these models have a problem with the Nvidia GPU so hook up and external monitor via the DVI port on the side and see if it works. If not please give us the last three figures of your serial number.


examine step 8 of this guide. The pink and yellow cables are the inverter cables. Also, how sure are you that you got a good inverter part?

MacBook Core 2 Duo LCD & Inverter A1181 (fast method) Replacement

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Yes, an external monitor is working. And I can discern the Desktop on the dark Display. I changed the Inverter and still suffer the same problem. Here is the serial Number anyway: -0P1 . When bringing up the brightness, the Display flashes for a split-second and turns dark again. Thanks for the support


Apple MacBook "Core 2 Duo" 2.4 13" (White-08) Specs

Identifiers: Early 2008 - MB403LL/A - MacBook4,1 - A1181 - 2242


right. checked the inverter cable. contacts looking good and checked for continuity, too. Seems to be in good condition. Insulation like new. Is there a way to measure the inverter's output?


thanks for the update, mayer

The Inverter Cable: It is running perfect in shape it's way around the hinge. The insulation is not even slightly bruised. I checked every single line for continuity and coudn't find any issues. The contacts on the cable and on the MB didn't show any sign of corrosion or colour-change.

The Inverter: Hm, can I be sure, it is a good Inverter part? Don't know. Bought it new, factory sealed, exactly the same as installed, same that a good sign or are there more reliable out there?

Thanks for the mentioned guide. I will check for the pink and yellow inverter cables.

Is there a tip, how I can determine the inverters's output is working? Or is it cause it's a high frequency output, and therefore hard to measure with home-methods? Am just wondering....


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