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Nintendo Game Boy Advance, released in 2001. Repair requires only common tools and no heat.

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After fixing corrotion damage the unit stays dead, no current absorbed

I've got this junk Game Boy Advance, seller told me it won't power on.

The unit was suffering some corrotion and the battery contacts were gone. I replaced them with some parts from Aliexpress and I soldered. I then checked the ohmic contact between these parts and the power switch, and they are ok.

I finally cleaned up the board and checked for leaking capacitors, found no one. To my sight, there are no other signs of corrotion or damage elsehere in the PDB (I can provide some photos ofc).

I reassembled and I was largely optimistic, I must admit.

I connected to my bench powersupply and...nothing. The unit stays dead. And it absorbes 0 A, which is probably no good.

The question is: where and how have I to go to deeper testing the unit and where are the most common pitfalls, with the abovementioned symptoms?

tnx allot for your support!

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It turned out it wasthe switch, actually. I found this video very useful as it follows all the traces on the power line until the first MOSfet. Checking the continuity step by step, I found a loose ohmic contact into the switch.

An energic IPA scrubbing solved the problem and I'm satisfied like hell now! :)

Block Image

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Hi @gabriob

Here's a link to the Game Boy Advance schematics that may help.

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Tnx, it is very useful, altough I'm not experienced enough to debug from schematics.

Nonetheless, I was able to locate and test F1 (which is shorted) and to measure the voltage on R25, which is 3.0v as expected when the unit is powered.

Thus, I think I could esclude a failure in the switch, that was my primary hypothesis at this point. But the unit is unfortunately still dead.

EDIT: I was wrong, it was the switch. And the schematics were very helpful to follow the traces for continuity checks. Tnx allot for the link!


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