wont boot up after RAM upgrade

I just upgraded the ram from the 256 mb PC2700S-25330 DDR 333 Mhz CL2.5 that was in it to a SST DDR333 PC2700 1G/64x8 SO-DIMM CL2.5 RAM that i just bought and was told it was the right one to upgrage to and that my ibook could take up to 1GB of ram now when I try to power it on the screen remains black doesnt even flicker the only way i can tell it has power is the caps lock key will light up green if pressed any idea's

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What speed is your processor?


Its a 1.2 Ghz processor I Believe..


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First unplug the machine and remove the battery. Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds then replace the power and see if it will start. This resets the power. Look in the battery compartment and give us the last three figures of your serial number please. Also try replacing your old RAM and see if the machine will start. Next try start then quickly hold down the P, R, Command and Option keys and wait for it to tone three times, This resets the PRAM.

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When I put the old RAM back in it will power up the old RAM is 256 mb and the new is 1GB that is supposed to be a compatible upgrade i tried everything else mentioned not sure if i have got a bad RAM chip it was brand new I just got it or if i got the wrong one..the last digits are S87 its a late 2004 model ibook G4 12"


That's what I thought. Your machine uses

RAM Type: PC2100 DDR SDRAM Min. RAM Speed: 266 MHz

Not the 2700 you got.

Apple iBook G4/1.2 12-Inch (Late 2004 - Op) Specs

Identifiers: iBook G4 - Late 2004 - M9623LL/A - PowerBook6,5 - A1054 - N/A



The label on the Factory RAM that came in the laptop and the only one that works at this point has a label that says " PC2700S-25330 256MB DDR 333 Mhz CL2.5 " and the RAM i'm trying to upgrade to that wont work has a label that says " DDR333 PC2700 Samsung 1G/64X8 SO-DIMM CL2.5"


Of course OWC and I may be mistaken and you could be right. The fact is that the 2700S upgrade is not working. So you might want to give my solution a try. http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/ib...

Here's how it's installed: http://www.info.apple.com/usen/cip/pdf/i...


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