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Repair and disassembly information for the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Android smartphone, announced and released in January 2021.

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replaced screen & now touch isn't working

I replace my broken screen with this ( )

I put all the pieces back like they were over and over to figure it out but the touch screen is not working. Sound is coming out and it turns on and the display looks good but I can't open it due to the touch screen not working. Any ideas?

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Hey hi Stephanie, I really hope your having a wonderful day✨ Let's see where are you stuck at, look's like your Samsung Galaxy S21 5G had a faulty screen, you replaced it and now the touch is not working. Don't worry, we can get it fixed😄

The following tip's will help you get you phone fixed up👇

  1. Try to inspect your new screen

# As you mentioned that you have ordered the phone from this link, I went to the site and saw that it does not have any good reviews. It rating is also low, I would recommend to return and buy a screen from somewhere else.

Block Image

  1. Check the connectors

# You might want to check the connectors twice . Make sure they are in place, connected, not ripped apart or damaged, and correctly placed.

  1. Restart your phone

# Sometimes, after a hardware upgrade or anything. All your phone needs is a restart to set up the new screen. Give your phone a restart and check if it works.

  1. Update the phone

# Try updating the phone if there are any. Sometimes it does help and get the phone fixed

  1. Try another screen

# Try the broken screen (because it still works, all it does it that it has lines or the display is not good) and see if works. If it does then the problem is 100% with the one you have right now. Return the screen and find a trust worthy place on the internet to buy a new screen for your Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 🎗️like the one I found on IFIXIT itself, here is the link to it🎗️. Sure it is cheaper and better with more assurance.

That is all I can recommend buddy, try these steps and see if it works. If you have any more doubts, queries or got stuck somewhere. We are always there to help you out😄 Do try to reach out to us whenever needed. Thank you for reading and I appreciate to those who did. I really hope you loved the answer and have a 🌟Gorgeous day🌟

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G (USA) Screen and Battery - Genuine Görseli


Samsung Galaxy S21 5G (USA) Screen and Battery - Genuine


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@sabotaged since you are using AI to answer this question, you want to be aware of the fact, that you should disclose this in your answer. Be transparent and ethical when you use any type of AI and that means full disclosure.


@oldturkey03 Ahh, I am sorry. I basically did, but not in a way any other person can understand. NDBM CP (MS) = Not Done By Me _ Co-Pilot (Microsoft AI)

I was lazy in the morning, I have been asked to answer 3 question everyday. Since I was very bored, no motivation because I personally tried good. The answer's I wrote in the starting are all written by me except for this one. No one replies nor anyway thanks me nor anyone gives my answer a vote up (despite being related) nor anyone choose my answer. I was so disappointed that as you said, in your area, repairing is not my passion, but by necessity. Writing is not by passion, but by necessity (I have been told to be because in the due future I will be doing a robotics job, all related to mechanics. Thank you for keeping me on my way and not gliding away. Since your getting a bit close to me, I would like to let you know that I use AI in almost 70% of the answers but the fact is not fully, I am not a very experienced one, I am learning(THIS IS COMMENT 1 GO TO 2


@oldturkey03 (THIS IS COMMENT 2) If I don't know how to solve this, I first surf the web, then I go to Co-Pilot and then see the answer for the time being then close it and never open. My father seats beside me and see's everything, he was out and then I though of this. The moment I saw people like you and jeref who has reputation in 100 thousands, I got amazed and got addicted to answer, coming back, I never copy paste or change it. What I do is first look at it for 2 - 3 min, then write it with your mind(I can not open it again). My name is Pravit Harsh, I study in class 10 CBSE India. I love techie stuff, computer and robotics. I would also like to tell one problem uncle, I do write answer's with all my might but no one appreciates, I am still at repo 1 (actually its -200, because I was trying to see if I can write answer to my own question and IFIXIT bot did let me try and subtracted my 1 repo. This did not give me any satisfaction and so the disappointed mindset grew(THIS IS COMMENT 2 GO TO 3)


@oldturkey03 (THIS IS COMMENT 3) I always have a habit of appreciating and making people feel good, but I also do expect others to give me the same if not everyone then 1 in 10? I am 14 years old and already very packed up with the daily life of 10th, I am free only during this summer vacation which ends day after tomorrow. After all I am not a V.I.P, I got no option to skip or do something, I acknowledge my mistake and please uncle let me know how do you earn so much repo. I was motivated by people like you and would really love to get the same amount of respect and attention, no matter how much time it takes. I will probably delete this answer in a while ( a day or 2 maybe?) but before that I would like to get a comment by you uncle😊 I am waiting and thank you for reading!!!


@sabotaged thank you for your explanation and welcome to iFixit. We appreciate your involvement and your help on here. @jayeff as well as myself and a few others have also been on here for a long time. We know that rep points are hard to accumulate since people do not vote answers up. To me an upvote is like saying "Thank you". I vote a lot and I have given up to try to get users to say Thank you. I guess it is just no longer in style :-( One thing I don't do, is upvote AI generated answers.

I do understand using it since it does help with the writing. I am bad at it myself :-) I just write my answers the way I talk and I am sure a lot of times, it includes grammatical errors. As long as the person that asks the question understands it, we can always fix the errors and use comments for clarification. I dislike "technobabble" which is just using lots of technical jargon and going "blah blah blah" I prefer to keep my answers simple and easy to understand. If there are things that need to be clarified, using comments is the best way.

Do not focus on rep points. They will come as the community get's to know you. Once you are recognized as a person that provides good, helpful and and reliable answers, it will happen. Keep on answering and do it because you like to help not for points. iFixit is more then a forum. It is a community and just like any other community, we are keeping an eye out for each other. The Mods and the Admins keep "the House" clean and will always make sure that those that are involved will get recognized. Always remember, that the more we say "Thank you", the greater the chance that casual users of iFixit will do the same. Welcome to iFixit and I hope you stick around :-)


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