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Samsung'un başı çeken telefonu, Galaxy S9. Mart 2018'inde piyasaya çıktı.

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Samsung s9 touchscreen doesn't work after screen replacement

Hello! So i repaired my samsung S9 and the touch doesn't work. Please help me with this issue

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@gabe123 double check your work. Make sure that the connectors are all properly seated. Make sure that there are not bend, broken or corroded pins in those connectors. If all of that looks good, you may need to contact the seller for the display and let them know that it is not working. It could very well be a bad assembly. Request a new display assembly.

You did not tell us if the touch worked before you replaced the screen. If it did not, then there is always a possibility of a boardlevel component failure. To make that determination we would need to have more info.

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it worked fine before, i connected my phone to my computer and use scrcpy to download a screen touch tester and when click the middle the touch works but only there


@gabe123 bad touchscreen. Contact the vendor where you got the replacement from and get a new one since this is a defective one.


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