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The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is part of Google's NEXUS lineup of flagship devices. It has an HD Super AMOLED display, curved display, and Android version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

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Volume down, solder, or?

So my Nexus Galaxy Volume down button doesnt work. I have isolated it to the motherboard connection, its "disconnected" on one point of the motherboard where the volume up and down connections are. I would rather fix it myself than to send it off to Samsung and have them tinker with it for a month. Is the connection on the motherboard a soldered connection? Heres a photo to help see what Im talking about ( Its the top part of the picture with the orangeish flap with the 3 connection points. The topmost point isnt connected like the other 2. Thanks for any help provided, Regards!

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So my Nexus Galaxy Volume down button doesnt work too!!!!!

Also I just bought it 3 weeks ago!


My Volume Solder points on the Mainboard are brocken.

Now i need alternative solder points for de Volume ???


I have the same question. Is this a soldered connection?


I have ordered this flex cable:

So I can't change the volume keypad without re-soldering?

Phone: Galaxy Nexus


@neumpe, the flex you got looks right. Yes, you will have to solder.


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Yes, those are soldered connections. Be careful when you try to re-solder it, so as to not take of the solder pads. If you have not done this kind of work before, practice on an old logic board first. You can of course also look for a new flex cable, just in case your should have small tears in it. Not exactly sure which model your phone is....different numbers, different flex :-) Hope this helps, good luck.

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@neumpe did you get it to work? I also have to do this after I was fixing my usb port connector, I accidently ripped this cable. I am ok at soldering and I am concerned about soldering to a flex cable.

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Samsung galaxy v lues

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