The Nintendo DSi is the third iteration in the Nintendo DS line, and made its debut in Japan in late 2008.

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How to replace damaged inductors component?


NDSi won't power on anymore.

After following tutorial available to open NDSi, I have discovered damaged inductors located near Power connector from Power board. There are 4 inductors but 2 of them are damaged (pictures are available in case).

In order to replace them, seems Murata 1210 cms inductors, I need to get inductor characteristics.

Even if I know the answer, I have send an email to nintendo to obtain values, without any answer...

Hence, do you have an idea of inductors values ?

I have tried to find any electronic schematics over the internet, without any success.

Of course, I can buy a new motherboard, but I believe this one can be repaired for few euros.

Thanking you in advance

Block Image

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Frederic Coste, how did you determine that they are "Murata 1210 cms inductors"? It would be great if you can attach your images on here. Thanks for clarifying:-)


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If you are certain that you need the Murata 1210 cms, the datasheet is available right here. Hope this is what you need, good luck.

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Thank you for your answer.

Please, could you tell me how to post a picture ? Should I use any pictures holder (imageshack...) on the internet ?

Concerning inductors, prior to order components, I need to know inductance values. From your datasheet, values goes from 1µH to 580µH.


You can post the image on here. On your screen, bottom left, you see the orange tab "Images" click on it. A small window will open and it will show you an "Upload" tab. Follow the instructions and once the image is in that small window, you click on it and drag it into your question. You have to be in "Edit" of your question to do so.


Picture has been uploaded. Obviously, two inductors are damaged.


Frederic Coste, sorry, I can not seem to find the pictures:-)


Frederic what are the L numbers on your logic board? Something like L2 or L4....


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