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Complete repair manual for the PSP Go, including battery upgrade and display repair instructions.

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majoir problems with my psp go

the firsst problem is the right side of my psp go is disconnected from the main body and everytime it moved it would just shut off, my next problem is well unclear too me casue thee way i remember it was that that my pspgo would not charge but also it will not turn i even used my friends charger still nothing happened so i guess the charging station is broke.or my psps just wont turn on can some one help cause i have a lot of games on my pspgo that i cant play but would like too

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Braylon Foreman, the first thing I would try to make sure off is that your battery is working. There might be a possibility that it is not holding a charge. The other thing you can try and do is to check the fuses on your GO to make sure they are working. Also, check the logic board for any damage, debris, corrosion. You can clean it with isopropyl alcohol. Hope this helps to get you started. Good Luck.

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go to sitting check if corging thing is on

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