SSD, either instead of optical drive or as second SATA device

hi there,

my optical drive was not really working from the beginning, so getting rid of it would be a good idea. the optimal solution would be to insert a SSD instead of the dvd-drive.

reading this discussion(SSD instead of optical drive), i'm wondering if the same is valid for my older macbook pro / A1150(2006 model). the hdd is SATA, but according to the system profiler, the MATSHITADVD-R UJ-857 optical drive is an ATA device, so that's a completly different kind of interface.

so i guess the only option for using a SSD would be to replace my current 100GB sata with an sata-SSD. or perhaps there is a second SATA interface onboard?

thx & so long


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There are optical bay adapters now for using either SATA drives or PATA (ATA, IDE, EIDE) drives in your older MBP or even in PowerBooks. I just put an SATA in a PowerBook this week. I really like the LaCie external optical drives as they are very durable and priced well under an internal drive.

Do a web sear for "mac & optical bay adapter".

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THX for your response!

maybe that was a little bit unclear, but i really don't need an optical drive.

do you know how this adapter performs? because it would be nonsense to put an SSD into this adapter to get a performance-benefit, but to introduce a new bottleneck(the ATA-SATA - converter).

any idea if there is a second SATA-controller onboard?

so long,



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