Changing the screen, will I loose all my files and pictures?

MacBook Pro 15" A1260 May 2008

My screen is cracked, and needs to be replaced. Lots of black ink in the back.

I would like to change it for a new one,but are a bit concerned about all my files and pictures, cannot afford to loose them all.

Please advise me asap how to proceed.

Thanking you in Advance.

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Everyone knows the value of, or that you're supposed to have, a backup. Until they lose data they don't really believe it. If something is a PITA to recreate, or would cause a hardship if lost (data, music, pictures, movies - whatever) you should back it up on a scheduled basis. You generally don't need to back up programs, or your entire operating system but "anything you can't afford to lose" should never exist as sole copies.


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All your files are on the hard drive and you will not bother it with a screen replacement.

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+1. If Apple Authorized Service Providers give you a waiver in which you agree to make backup of your own in case of data loss is because:

1. They're standardized waivers. They use them for every single intervention they can do on your machine, just filling in with the nature and the cost of what you asked them.

2. Bad luck creeps around the corners: let's assume the AASP laboratory burns down during the night, there are thieves of the new intern has two left hands and drops your hard drive. They have to justify that their insurance can repay you and them for the damage, but can't magically restore data who doesn't exist anymore.

So, if you're working alone, nothing to bother. If you're going to an AASP, they're not going to reformat your drive, don't worry.


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