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iBook freezing, error related to video card in logs


My poor iBook G4 had an issue since yesterday. It suddenly hang, I restarted it, take a while to get the login window, but do not pass this windows. I let it cool all the night, it start this morning, pass the windows, show the desktop then hang...

But it's not dead: I sshed on it, and saw bunch of error messages in /var/log/system.log, such as "ATI 9700 fb overflow....", "ASIC HANG", etc (not exactly the message here). The log was full of such messages.

It was working pretty well 'till yesterday :(

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This can be the result of a corrupted system folder. To test this, try booting from your system installation disk. If that works go to the second screen pull down menu to Utilities > Disk Utility. Select your hard drive in the left hand column and see if you can repair it. This failing you may need to reinstall the system.

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Unfortunatly, the DVD player is also dead. Is there a way to start a Repair disk from ssh ?

Do not want to start any more, stucked on the blue screen. It may be the video card problem, also.


I don't know what a ssh is. You can connect to another Mac via Target Mode. Here's how:



SSH is a way to connect to the Terminal from another Mac.

I need to find something to boot from, no the internal CD? Will try to put MacOsX on a USB Key...

Here is what the log say:

May 7 10:26:41 new-host-4 kernel[0]: ATIRadeon9700::wait_for_rb_space: Overflowed block waiting for FIFO space. Have 0, need 5. RBBM_STATUS 0x80010140

May 7 10:26:51 new-host-4 kernel[0]: ** ASIC Hang Log Start **

May 7 10:26:52 new-host-4 kernel[0]: 0x01014e56 4f000217 00000004 20080100


You can use a Firewire external hard drive with a system on it to boot from or use Target mode as explained above. You cannot boot from the USB port.


I can boot 10.4 but not 10.5. What ever I tried, MacOsX Install Disk 10.4 can boot and start install, MacOsX 10.5 won't.

I copied MacOsX Install disk on my iPod G2 and boot from it. 10.5 no success -blue screen-, 10.4 ok.

What the %^&! ?


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