new hard drive install

How do I format a new hard drive before install on PowerBook g4

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It has to be in something such as a computer or external enclosure or an adapter to access it to format. Here's the instructions on how to install it: PowerBook G4 Aluminum 12" 1-1.5 GHz Hard Drive Replacement

Tell me what you're trying to do and I can help you better.

Once you have it to where you can access it you will need to go to Disk Utilities and format and partition it. This can be found in Applications - Utilities on your hard drive or from the pull down menu on the third page of you installation CD if you boot from it.

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Like Mayer said the HD needs to be in another computer or a external hard drive enclosure. Here is a guide that will help you once you have the HD in a computer or an external hard drive enclosure.


I did this. I currently have it hooked up to my MacBook. Can you use a MacBook 10.4 start up disc for a PowerBook? Which extended OS X format do I use to partition the new HD?


Can I do the OS X install on the new HD in an external case via the MacBook & then install in the PowerBook? Is there incompatibility issues?


The Disk Utility you need should be on your hard drive in your Applications - Utilities - Disk Utilities. Format as Mac OSX extended, then partition it to one partition.


If you set it up via the MacBook it will install a system for the Intel processor, and partition it GUID, which the PowerBook cannot use. I'm not sure if the MacBook installation disk will allow you to set it up correctly. Give it a try but know what to look for. I take it you can't locate the PowerBook software.


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