Can't get past grey apple screen!

My iMac started taking forever to boot - 15 to 20 minutes. Thinking my hard drive was going bad (bad sounds), I replaced the hard drive. Boot from Leapard Disc and installed. Upon restart won't boot up past the grey apple screen with spinning wheel. I've booted from Leapard Disc and run disc utility - repair permissions and repair disc - both checked out ok.

Any suggestions?

Could it be something other than my hard drive that was dying? Ram?

Thanks for any help!

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Please tell us about the disk you used to do your system installation. Was it the disk that came with your machine? Did you buy this unit new?


The installation disc is direct from Apple - It was a family pack purchase when Leapard came out. It had me partition the new hard drive correctly before I installed.

I do also have the Disc that came with the iMac (which I bought new). All I've done to this machine is upgrade the RAM to 2GB 2 or 3 years ago...


Did you try a safe - shift-down boot?


Yes - just did. Still grey apple screen with spinning wheel (not the beach ball)


FYI - Following 'mayor's' post, I rebooted from Install Disc that came with iMac, repartitioned and reinstalled Leapard. iMac then restarted fine in a normal amount of time...


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Your model had problems with bad capacitors. Please take the back off and examine the 24 cans for swelling and /or corrosion. Next try to boot up and tell us what the diagnostic lights ( about the center of the logic board) are doing.

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