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Copper clip fell off

Mac Mini A1176

I have disambeled my Mini, and a small copper clip fell off, and don't see where it should go.

I was told..f you look at the front of the machine with the top off- right under the front lip of the optical drive you'll see a little area where it slides over.. the doubled-back part fits on that- there's a tab that fits the groove on the spring, and the spring part faces down.

But I still don't see where it connects.

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Maybe if you tell us what you were working on or trying to fix we can get you to the correct guide that will show your part. It would also help to know your exact model (the A1176 has several) it would help. We can determine that from the last three figures of your serial number.

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With it apart, i'm unable to get the serial number, you know of no brass clips?


It's probably the EMI optical drive clip, Apple part # 922-7336. Here's a picture: http://www.gainsaver.com/Catalog/Detail....


yes, it is, now how to place it in the right place.....


you can see it in place on step #9 of this guide: Mac mini Model A1176 Optical Drive Replacement


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