MacBook Pro models with a 15" display

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Blank screen on boot; no backlight, no image?

Late 2007 MBP 2.2 GHz with LED backlight running Lion with a BootCamp partition running Win7.

Computer worked fine yesterday booted straight to Win7.

This morning upon waking, the no backlight and not image on the screen.

Forced shutdown and rebooted. Computer seems to be operating properly; get the chime and I believe it get's to the menu to select individual user accounts.

The screen brightness buttons to nothing to turn on the backlight.

This happened once before, however the backlight worked, there was just no image. Has worked since with no trouble.

Not sure what to try to get the screen to work. I'm also contemplating just getting a new 15" i7 MBP. Could I just swap my the HDD out of my old computer into a new on and just boot? Again, this is a new HDD with newly installed Lion and Win7. I'd like to not have to go through a pile of backups to restore when I know the HDD is working fine.


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I had a similar problem. Apple store told me I had water damage on my logic board through the USB ports which had damaged the output to the display. Still worked fine on an external display though...


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Please hook it up to an external monitor to help isolate the problem. I can't even tell if the screen is totally black or white. Please give us the last three figures of your serial number.

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