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There's a bead stuck in my headphone jack?

There's a small bead (I have no idea how) in the headphone jack, and I can't even see it now that I've poked at it enough. Is there any way to take it apart and get it out?

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kdmirissa, the poking may have cause the bead to be further lodged into the audio jack. You could try with some suction, i.e. vacuum cleaner etc. to see if your get it out from there. If it is a plastic bead, you can also try to take a needle , heat it up till it glows red and puncture the bead, keep the needle still while the plastic cools down. then, gently try to pull it out. Should any of this fail, you may have to replace the jack. It is available at places like this. For instructions on how to it, check this video. Hope this helps, good luck.

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I have a soccer field fake turf black bead stuck in my headphone jack in my phone. I can't get it out. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance


Filip The Mixer did you try the above ay? Tried a vacuum cleaner? what have you tried?


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