Black screen. Replaced vid card and screen. Works in safe mode!

Replaced the screen and vid inv. card. Worked great for a day and back to dim/ ghost screen? I read the post about starting in safe mode and it worked but won't work in regular start up mode! Any suggestions on what to do now? Has anyone heard of two vid inverter cards going bad or could it be a load problem or power into the vid I v. Card OR I heard a d.c. Card going bad? Thanks in advance for your help!


O.K. I guess it works in safe mode and in regular mode if I give it a little jostle. It doesn't work all the time when I give it a shake, just once in a while. Let me ask you this and by the way thanks for getting back to me. What are any and ALL reasons the backlight can go out besides a bad screen, bad video inverter card and possible software issues. What other hardware can go bad to make this such an intermittent problem? Thanks in advance.

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If you're getting a bright screen in Safe mode, your card is good and you have a software problem. Yes, I've seen two inverters go bad. Does anything change when you move the screen? To eliminate a video GPU problem, hook it up to an external monitor. Please let us know your results.

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If shaking it solves your problem, you have a bad connection. Try replacing the inverter to logic board wires or try moving the screen back and forth to see if there is any change.


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