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iPod does not work at all

basically my ipod is 2nd gen, it will not turn on, it will not charge and it will not turn up on iTunes or my computer its just a blank screen. ive tried putting it in dfu mode but it wont work.

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mohammed saqib, if it absolutely does not do anything, you will have to start from scratch. First, check the power connection. Check your dock connector for any dirt, debris, corrosion, bend, or broken pins. Check your USB cable make sure that is okay. Try to connect your iPod to an AC adapter and let it charge. If none of that works, time to disassemble it. Replace the battery with a new one. Check the battery solder pads to make sure they are okay. Check your iPod with a multimeter and see what the voltage is on the battery points with the iPod connected. While you have it apart, check for any obvious damaged parts. I would also suggest the you clean the complete logic board with a high grade of isopropyl alcohol. Start with the battery and work your way up. Hope this helps, good luck

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