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MacBook aluminium Random freezing problem

Hello, I bought my friend's Macbook aluminium (2008) it orginally had a 250gb HD installed but he wanted to keep it. I therefore installed my 80gb HD from my old white macbook - however at times when i start it up the macbook freezes upon the login screen where i have to manually power it off (this also freezes happens once i close the lid).

I have turned off the safe sleep mode via command- Is it a problem that i have installed a much smaller HD than what it orignally had? Also why does the computer freeze when i close the lid even though i have set hibernate to 0?

It is running of 2gb of RAM but even running safari at times takes a while to load. Apparently the macbook had no problems at all before the HD swap.

Any adivce would be much appreciated,

Thanks Michael

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my macbook is MacBook Unibody Model A1278, 2.4ghz


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Try re-formating the drive using the "write zeros" option to map out any bad blocks. Reinstall the system from the system disk that came with his machine or a retail 10.6 disk. If you have neither, call Apple and buy an original installation disk for this machine. It will cost $16 plus tax and shipping. You'll need the serial number.

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So it is not the case of anything being broke? What can i do with regards to my macbook freezing after reopening the lid, will formatting via 'Write zeros' solve that?

Thanks for the help


I don't know. My approach is to fix what I know can be fixed and then address remaining issues.


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