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MacBook Pro keyboards: Will A1226-keyboards fit my A1260 MacBook Pro?

I have a question concerning a topcase and keyboard replacement.

My MacBook Pro (Early 08, A1260, 2.4GHz) has a scatched and slightly dented topcase and its keyboard has the US layout.

Now both shall be replaced and the new keyboard is supposed to be a german one.

Can I buy a topcase for the A1226 and any keyboard that fits an A1226 or 1260 MacBook Pro?

Or do both kinds of topcases fit my MBP, but each will only work with the same model keyboard?

Or do only the A1260 topcases fit but the keyboard can be for A1226-MBP's?

Or do only A1260 topcases fit AND the keyboard needs to be A1260?

I cant seem to get that information from the pictures in the teardowns or the photos in the Parts Store...

Any information would be highly appreciated!

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Unfortunately, a A1260 Upper Case and keyboard will not work on a A1226 and vice versa. Sorry!

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Are you 100% positive about that?

Because I found eBay offerings for topcases that are supposed to fit A1226 and A1260 MacBook Pros...

(I dont know if its allowed to post a link here...)

Thanks for your answer!


Yes, I am sure that the parts are not cross-compatible. The upper cases for the two laptops have different circuit boards that the keyboard and track-pad plug into. This is also the reason why the keyboards are different.


And when an A1226-upper case is combined with an A1226-keyboard I still wont be able to connect to the A1260-LogicBoard because the ribbon-cables are different, right?

P.S.: I am so resilient to buy the A1260-parts because I could get the A1226-parts very cheap. Too bad they seem to be of no use to me :(

Thanks a lot for that first hand knowledge!


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I just did the swap a a1260 complete top case on a 1226 macbook pro. Everything works great didn't have to change a thing, all the function keys on the a1260 work has they should did not have to swap out any keys. ALL gestures work as well even the 3 finger and thumb with mountain lion. simple plug and go I'd recommend to anyone to do!

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please see this ...

Adding Multitouch by a hardware replacement ? Touch+by+a+hardware+replacement#comment13109

The keyboards will indeed work on a1226 or a1260 ... the function buttons on the a1260 keyboard will not be mapped correct on the a1226 palm rest and so the keytops will have to be changed ... in fact you suddenly will have numpad ability!

If you get an a1226 palm rest you will lose muliPod Touch, not recommended!

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