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The HTC HD2 is a smartphone manufactured by HTC and running the Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system.

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Why is my phone overheating and powering down when I watch videos?

when i watch videos and play music my phone will over heat and power down and reboot itself. i have changed the battery to a brand new one and even removed the sim card and it continues to reboot. if i do a master reset will this fix the problem?

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Hi irepairusa,

The HD2 has a history of overheating, specially when performing tasking operations, like playing games or watching videos.

This probably boils down to the software currently in your HD2, making it appear that it needs more battery than it should, thus the increase in temperature. Once the phone hits 32 degrees, it will either restart (reboot) or just shut down till it's cold enough. This protects the phone and it's components from burning or shorting itself from the inside out.

Same goes for performing the above examples, when you have the phone plugged in and charging. The phone basically discharges the charge it's getting from the plug, into whatever you are currently doing. Again, this has probably have to do with the software.

If you have a custom ROM (which I have), try to look for ROMs that have lower voltage draw. You can easily obtain such roms from websites such as XDA Developers. You can find all guides and steps needed to apply a new ROM.

Hope this helps :)



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I took mine on a trip and used the G.P.S while it was plugged into the car charger. The prolonged use and constant charging ruined my battery. It would get really hot and it swelled up like a pillow until it no longer worked. You might have the same problem. I went to sprint and explained my problem and got a new battery free of charge. I didn't have to show them the phone, witch is good because it no longer resembles the trash they sold me with the stock ROM........ All custom baby.....No but seriously, try a battery change and see if it helps. Maybe borrow one from someone and check so you can at least trouble shoot that idea without paying any money.

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