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How to change oxygen sensor

how to change oxigen sensor because my moto whon start

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justin, I would not just go and replace parts unless you know they are not working. If you need to, download the service manual from here I will help you to narrow things down.


Justin, get the manual. It will help you with your trouble shooting. Your oxygen sensor might get your bike to run badly, but it should still start. Check for spark and fuel first. Tried a hand oiler and squirt some fuel in the carbs to see if your bike starts?


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justin, not sure why you would think that the oxygen senor is faulty. Check for sparks on your plug. Check your ignition module and make sure that you have good plugs first. If this is the same bike that you had trouble with the fuel line with, make sure that your fuel pump and your fuel pump relay are working properly.

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yes i put new spark plug, wires, fuel filter, i clean the carburetors, and the fuel relay i have to get a new , but the oxigen sensor may be is the problem or the fuel pomp. but if you can tell me someting else i will be gratefull


i clean the carboretors and i did what you say and still no start the bike


Do you have spark on your plugs? Do you get fuel in your carburetor bowl?


let me see because i want to see if my fuel pomp relay is working and i going to check it tomorrow monday. but i going to check what you tell me


i have spark on my plugs and i get fuel in my carburetor bowl and still dont want to start


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