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It dries, but only blows cold air?

how do I fix my Whirlpool Dryer model ler8648pw0, it still works but will not blow cold air

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crystal, looking at the wiring diagram for your dryer, it could be a few things that are responsible for not heating up. Your dryer needs 220V to heat up. Check your fuses/breakers to make sure that both circuits are working. If you have circuit breakers you might want to flip the off and back on a few times and recheck. It could also be that your thermal cut-off is not working, that either the operating thermostat or the high limit thermostat are not working. Of course, it is also possible that your heating element is burned out. You will need a multimeter to check those. Oops, I almost forgot, make sure that your vent is clean no obstructions and no blockage. You may want to take the vent hose off and see what happens with your dryer. There are some great sites like this that have plenty of resources as well. They are almost as good as ifixit, almost:-) you also want to take a look at this video. Let us know if you are comfortable with a repair like that. If not, just ask and I am sure you will get lots of help from this community.

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