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Water damage from jumping in pool

So I foolishly jumped into the pool with my ipod in my pocket. Anywho when I got out it still worked fine. ABout an hour after I decided to play music and that's when things got wierd. The songs started skipping to the next song. Now my screen looks fine but I can't move my slider to open it very well; it like goes then goes right back to the left. Any way I can fix this?

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Chaz, that is a big depends. Depends if you shortened anything out while you turned the iPod on. The first thing you want to do is to not even try to turn it on. You will have to clean it first, otherwise you are running risk of damaging the iPod even further. Check this guide for what you need to do. It was written fora iPhone 3G but all of it will still apply to your iPod. Also, check this for more info. Number one thing to do, do not try to further turn your iPod on etc. Re-evaluate after you clean it for any further damage. Hope this helps, good luck.

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