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Late 2011 model, A1278 / 2.4 GHz i5 or 2.8 GHz i7 processor.

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Solved - A1278 Can't install OSX


I took my macbook to the Apple Store - they fixed it in abut 2days. It was ribbon cable connecting MB and HD.


My configuration is A1278 with Vertex 3, 8GB RAM (Crucial) and original HD in an optibay.

I can't re-install OSX, every time I try it takes about 20min to even get into installer, and after that disk doesn't get unmounted, so it can be formatted.

I can install Ubuntu and any other Linux distro.. I just don't know what to do.

It all started when I tried to teach my girlfriend some PHP basics and started Dreamweaver, after that Macbook just beach balled. After forced reboot it couldn't pass the boot (stop sign after a lot of loading).

I tried verbose boot and it reported that it can't mount root device.

I tried and formatted old-original HD that comes with a Macbook - same problem.

I'm sorry for my English, I know that it's not the best :).

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What's in the original hard drive bay?


Dan - all those Questions make this more of a comment than an answer...


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Can you clarify your setup here: It sounds like you have swapped the devices around inside.

Did you take out the optical drive and then mount the HD in its bay then installed a SSD in the original HD bay? If that is correct I don't think you can boot up under the HD with OS-X in this config. The system BIOS is expecting an optical drive not a HD so the BIOS loader is loading the needed driver for the optical drive (not expecting a HD). You can still use the HD as a second drive though (not bootable).

Can you install OS-X and boot from the SSD? or can you use an external HD (FireWire) with OS-X on it to boot from?

You also talk about running Linux (Ubuntu) on the same system. If you had the HD in the correct bay I would have stated the boot volume is messed up, and you may not have a blessed OS-X volume as well to boot from. As your running a SSD here not a real HD in the HD bay I'm not sure if you can run a dual boot from it as the boot logic is different than a real HD.

Again, your in an area new to a lot of people as most don't get this complex in their setups.

I would scratch everything and leave the system with one running OS (OS-X). Then use VM-Ware to create a virtual machine to run Linux under inside of OS-X if that is something you want. It also simplifies the booting process.

FYI - Arstechnica just posted a nice write up on how SSD's work: Solid-state revolution: in-depth on how SSDs really work

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Sounds like a pooched HD. You should back up if possible, errase with 0s and reformat if possible. Sometimes a big crash will mangle the directory so bad it can't be repaired without 3rd party software and, sometimes, even they can't save it.

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Thanks - I have been "Security erasing" my SSD before i decided to just use Linux and setup becomes much quicker.

But it couldn't reformat my drive.

Will try to use your advice as best I can and I will report back with results.


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