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13" aluminum unibody, 2.0 or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor.

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Won't start after upper case replacement - more info?

Replaced upper case on my MacBook A1278 late 2008 to repair inoperative keys following too much liquid cleaner. New case has backlight, logic board has corresponding socket. No response to power button after re-assembly. Have seen sizeable correspondence on this and other sites about fully seating the keyboard ribbon connector. Fiddled with it without success. Tried the tape handle trick to no avail. I have another newer Macbook and the two look seated the same depth to me. Any other ideas or tricks to get a response?

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Mayer, the computer power switch worked just fine after the liquid spill. But teardown and reassembly caused the power switch not to work. More info: I can short pins 5 & 6 on that ribbon connector, which starts the computer just fine. And following that, the keyboard works fine except for the left shift (and the power switch of course). So doesn't that point to connector seating?


What was the original keyboard doing after the cleaning?


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I've had this happen with a customer. Basically you HOPE that replacing the upper case will fix it problem and it does most of the time. But if the liquid has gotten into the logic board, you have to replace the logic board also.

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Thanks. Any thoughts on cleaning that connector, probably mostly the socket (since that's on the old logic board)?


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