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Television in a Mac Classic II

Hi all,

anybody knows any chance to connect the CRT monitor of a Mac Classic II to a TV decoder or another PC? How, for example, do connect the monitor of the Mac Classic to a Mac Mini? I think it is a very good way to use an old mac not working anymore.

Thank you,


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It's accord ing to which output you have on the CRT. The old Apple II monitors could be hooked up to a VCR.

Apple has employed a large number of display connector designs over the years:

Original DA-15 (commonly but incorrectly known as a DB-15) used on all desktop Macs without a built in monitor up until the 1999 Blue and White Power Macintosh G3.

A 13W3 connector (as on Sun Microsystems machines) used on the Macintosh Portrait Display

A non-standard "mini-15" connector used on early PowerBooks which allowed an Apple monitor to be attached via a short adaptor cable.

Apple MultiMedia Display connector (HDI-45) used on some "AV" model Centris, Quadra and the first-generation (NuBus) Power Macintosh machines.

Standard 15-pin high-density DE-15 VGA connector, first included on some Power Macintosh 9600 models and available on all current Macintoshes via a short adaptor cable.

Apple Display Connector (ADC), which carries DVI, VGA, USB and power in one connector was used on the PowerMac G4 and early models of the PowerMac G5.

A DVI connector was used on the non-unibody Intel-based MacBook Pros, PowerBooks, Mac Mini, Power Mac G4, G5 and Mac Pro.

A mini-VGA connector, which can provide VGA via a short adaptor cable. It appears on the white iBook, eMac, iMac G4 and G5, and first generation 12-inch PowerBook G4. Later models also support a composite and S-video adapter attached to this port.

A micro-DVI connector is used in the first generation Macbook Air to accommodate its small form factor.

A mini-DVI connector used on the 12" PowerBook G4 (except first generation,) Intel-based iMacs, MacBooks, and Mac Minis.

A mini DisplayPort connector was used on some Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini and Mac Pro models.

Currently all Macs feature Thunderbolt connectors (except the Mac Pro which has Mini Displayport connectors).

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