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Can I do a one-for-one HD swap between MacBooks?

Just installed a Seagate 7200 RPM 500GB SATA-SSD hybrid drive in my 2009 Santa Rosa Macbook. Restored my data and OS (OSX Lion) from the Time Capsule, and it was a very simple and trouble free process. Thanks, iFixit!

I'm now interested in installing that drive in my wife's mid-2010 MacBook Pro completely as-is, and putting her OEM 320GB drive in the older MB. Both machines are running the same OSX version, but obviously they're quite different under the hood. Is doing a one-for-one swap with these drives as simple as plug-and-play, or is there something more I need to consider?

Thanks for the advice/tips!

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You should be able to make the switch with no problems. You will need a minimum of 2 GB of RAM in the older machine.

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So the machine should boot up and, for all intents and purposes, look/act/feel in the MBP just as it did in the MB? Seems too good to be true! Will report back with the results. Thanks for the confidence!


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